Friday, May 28, 2010

Lil' Angel's Garden

daycare garden angel wall

This mural was produced by myself and LUV-ONE for KIDS R FIRST Pre-School It is also the 3rd mural in the CITY OF ANGELS Mural series. This one was a lot of fun to produce! Our only obstacle was working around the pre-existing flower beds that surrounded the wall.

We began like we do all our walls; freestyling and flowing off of one another. The staff of the pre-school were the utmost supportive and gave us complete creative freedom.

The image pictured on the right is a portrait of LUV-ONE's wife as a child and the figure on the left is a portrait of my daughter when she was 6 months. As usual, our wall was blessed with the poetry of Raul Cortes, Jr.(POLO), who wrote a beautiful passage that sums up the entire mural.

Special thanks goes out to Andrea and the entire KIDS R FIRST staff for their hospitality and support of this project and our friend GENT who documented the entire mural process from start to finish.

-Will Kasso

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