Friday, May 7, 2010

Graffiti Heaven

Graffiti Heaven, originally uploaded by el U Vee 1.

S.A.G.E Collective and VS CREW

This is the second wall in the CITY OF ANGELS series entitled, GRAFFITI HEAVEN...a collaboration between S.A.G.E Collective and VS Crew. It was only right to do this wall at Terracycle Warhouse which is a landmark within the east coast graffiti scene. RAIN and DEMER of VS Crew held down the lettering duties while myself and LUV-ONE rocked portraits and background. Delve produced his usual abstract flare while Lank Williams Jr. produced some stencil angels based off of Michelangelo sculptures.

Other than the intense heat, we all had a great time painting. Special thanks to Ricardo Barros for the photo documentation of this production and Raul Cortes, Jr. for his words of inspiration which grace our wall.

-Will Kasso

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