Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Secret Garden"

This was the seconded mural produced for KIDS R FIRST Pre-School and the 4th in the "City of Angels" series. LUV-ONE and myself was blessed with a near perfect day to paint and as usual, the staff at the pre-school were more than supportive and encouraging. This time around, photographer, Jesse P. Brittel documented our process with exquisite photographs that capture our most candid moments as we produced our mural. Some of the pre-schoolers even got involved; as they helped LUV spray on some stenciled patterns onto the wall. We wrapped up the day feeling very proud of our end product. A truly awesome time with this production.

Last, but not least, our mural was once again blessed with the words of poet Raul Cortes(POLO):

"Character-injection is the only way the orb will glow
Money is makin' sure children can't afford to grow
So lets not have the curtains close before the show
May God lead, God-speed & open ways when doors are closed & course is slow"

Will Kasso

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