Friday, April 16, 2010

City of Angels vol.1

This wall was personal to me...been meaning to do it for some time now. The images are of my late aunt and cousins...the one on the left is deceased as well. I had in mind for years to do a tribute wall for them. My aunt was one of my biggest supporter and my cousin was like a brother to me. She past in 04 from liver failure and breast cancer...and he died in 1992 due to drowning. My cousin LaQuinta, who is pictured on the far right, supplied the photo refs and even helped out somewhat in the production.I had originally only planned to do this one wall as a tribute, but then it hit me. Why not paint images of angels all around the city! So this wall is the start of a city wide project. The goal is to paint 12 angel themed murals around the city this spring and summer. 3 in each ward. Each mural will accompanied by a poem from Trenton's own Raul Cortes, Jr....aka...POLO. Its gonna be a interesting feet to accomplish, but im determined. One down...11 to go.

-Will Kasso

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